Friday, May 22, 2009

Plant Cutting in a Vase

A great many plants will root from their stems.

All you need to do is cut off a growing part of 

the plant, several leaves and adjoining stem

just enough to allow the leaves to stick up 

above the water. Strip away lower leaves,

and pinch off blossoms or terminal bud

(the newest pair of leaves) at the growing tip.

Then fill a nice glass vase with pebbles, sand, or even marbles, tuck the cuttings in place, and fill the vase with water.

If you don't know for sure the particular plant will root from cuttings, you may want to start this some time before you want it ready, and be sure to keep the water level constant during that time.

Pomander Ball

Stick whole cloves into a firm orange.

Dry it for two weeks in a warm place.

Shake it in a cinnamon-orris root mix.

Wait two hours, roll off excess spices.

Tie it up in a pretty ribbon, et voila!